Friday, September 13, 2013

Applesauce n Birth Parents

On Wednesday the children and I did six baskets of apples. I got my apples from Stauffers Fruit Farm in Denver. They have an "applesauce mix" which is several different kinds mixed together. I added cinnamon heart candy to several quarts of sauce. The children liked it but Dean wasn't impressed. I ended up with about 60 quarts of applesauce so I was happy. Kiana took care of Luna which was a huge help.

Willing taste testers!

I had Tristan at the orthodontist this week for a consultation. We are entering the world of spacers (which he already hates!), expanders, braces and retainers. Fun! Tristan has an extra baby tooth on the top. When they took xrays they discovered there is an extra permanent tooth as well. Not good when his teeth are crowded as it is. The dentist said it is like a log jam. The dentist wondered which side of the family he gets the extra tooth from. Turns out it is hereditary! Tristan needs to get several teeth pulled and he is not happy at the prospect. Earlier this year he needed a tooth removed and I told him it doesn't hurt cause they numb it real well. He didn't believe me. When the dentist went to pull the tooth he didn't wait long enough after giving him  novacain and Tristan ended up in tears. Now he isn't about to believe me when I tell him it will be different this time around.

This is what Luna does when I am busy and not paying attention to her. She has this thing about dumping her food/drink out onto the table and then eating/drinking it like a dog. The children think it is funny and the more they laugh the more she acts out. Her vocabulary is growing rapidly. She was looking at pictures on Dean's phone the other day. When she came to a picture of ponies she said, "Chincoteague?" She is getting very independent and she often says, "No, me do it!" We haven't heard anything about the appeal going to the superior judge yet so we continue to wait.

Miss Sharon encouraged us to send some cards to Braden. She said I could tell the children I am sending a card and if anyone wants they can send something along. I think the children will all be willing to send a picture but this way they won't feel obligated if they are not ready for that step. 

Yesterday the Kindergarden class each drew a picture of their family. Joseph's picture was of two obvious people and alot of little circles. I asked him who was who and he pointed out Dean and I then said he must have forgot to make the rest of the family. All evening he was in a dreadful snit. After spending the whole evening trying to figure out what was wrong he let it slip to Dean that they were to draw pictures of their families in school and it made him cross. Right away we knew what the problem was but I wanted him to tell me himself. While Dean put Luna to bed Joseph finally told me his teacher talked about how families love and care for each other and that made him think of his mom. Thinking of his mom makes him angry because she didn't take care of him. I asked him who he drew on his picture and he hemmed and hawed around so I asked if he drew his mommy and daddy. He nodded and looked guilty. I asked him if he was scared to tell me who he drew. He said he was. I said, "How did you think mom and dad would feel if you told them who you drew?" He thought we would feel bad. I assured him it was perfectly all right to draw his first mommy and daddy and that dad and I want him to love his first parents. God gave him a heart big enough to love two moms and two dads. The weight literally rolled off his shoulders and he gave me a huge squeeze, beaming from ear to ear. Dean said we will soon qualify as psychologists at this rate! 

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