Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Adoption Blog Carnival

We had a very relaxing week end at the cabin with Deans family. Enjoyed delicious food, walks, caught up with what is happening in each others lives and spent a lot of time outside basking in the sunshine. Monday morning it was time to face the real world again. Tristan had a 9:15 dentist appointment to get two teeth pulled. I didn't tell him about his appointment until Sunday evening as I knew it would ruin his week end. I kept him home from school as he had quite a bit of bleeding and was very numb. After a nap he felt more like himself. Last night I went to my second app. at Crossroads Counseling Center in Leola. The more I learn about why we do the things we do in relation to the experiences we face in life, the greater the awe I feel of how intricately we are created. Each and every happening in our lives leaves it's mark and will in some large or small way influence the decisions we make in the future.


I was honored to have one of my blog posts featured on the Adoption Blog Carnival. Here is the link to their site: http://www.thecorkums.com/2013/10/12/adoption-blog-carnival-6th-edition/  They feature some very interesting blogs on this site.

Our meeting with the county is scheduled for Thursday at 11:00. We covet your prayers. I am not sure if the final decision regarding Luna's future will be decided at that time or not.  Some days it loom's like a dark cloud on the horizon and other days I can say, "Not my will but Thine."

I emailed Miss Sharon to see how Braden reacted to our visit. She had a very positive report! Typically a child regresses a bit when stressed or when he see's mom n dad again but thus far Braden hasn't. It certainly will not be smooth sailing from here on out but we are encouraged with every bit of progress we see. Miss Sharon is going to be setting up a schedule for us to come see him. We will also soon begin taking one sibling along for each visit in order to begin the reintegration process. 


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