Sunday, October 20, 2013


The long awaited day has finally arrived! Kiana didn't remember it was her birthday, so I whispered, "happy birthday" in her ear. She was beyond excited!!

Yesterday morning I suddenly remembered Kiana's birthday. I didn't have anything prepared, thankfully pink icing and sprinkles were enough to make her happy.

Mrs. Risser gave a craft set for Kiana's birthday gift. Dean helped her paint the wooden flowers this afternoon.

With all that has happened this past week, I didn't get time to go shopping for a gift. I keep some small gifts in a tote and found a few things to give Kiana.

A sticker/story book and photo album for the pictures of her school friends.
Sometime this week I hope to take her to Park City and visit the Dolly & Me Store. Kiana loves shopping and it will be special to spend some one on one time with her.

Giggles & smiles
Loves to play doll
enjoys school
Takes good care of Luna
Loves to sing
Likes going on 4 wheeler rides with Tristan
Is learning her letters & sounds
Makes us laugh many times a day
Is a very good helper
Likes lotion and bubble bath
Loves spicy food


Please keep praying for our situation. Your prayers are what keep us going. I cannot imagine how people go through something like this without prayer support and Gods help.

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