Friday, October 25, 2013

Prayers and A Visit To Braden

Sometimes when I look back on the past month it feels like I am peeking into someone else's life. I wonder how I would react to such circumstances and then I get this jolt and remember it is my life. It feels as if there is a shield protecting me from the "real world" out there and all the pain and turmoil can only get so close before it needs to retreat. Someone told me it is the prayers being lifted on our behalf that are carrying us along and that is exactly what it feels like. Sure, there are times the what if thoughts get the better of me and I almost panic but God kindly reminds me that He is in control. Not us. I cannot imagine how someone would be able to go through trials without Christ to guide them.

So many people came to me and said, "I wish I could do something but since I can't, be assured we are praying." That means so much. We didn't tell Kiana and Joseph all that has been going on because we felt they have had enough emotional upheavals in their short lives. We sat Tristan down and gave him a brief version of the story because he was getting very concerned about us. I expected him to be all upset, instead he was amazed that people are praying for us. There are people across the country praying for our family and it is so humbling it makes us cry and stand in awe of our almighty God.

Yesterday we were down to see Braden. He made a book for us. There was a page for each member of the family where he wrote down all the things he misses about that person. My page included my strawberry pie and having me tuck him into bed. Dean's page had going to PaulB and playing together, among other things. He sent the book along home and each of the children is supposed to draw a picture to go with their page. We will take it along on our next visit. It made the children feel good but also stirred up memories and made them miss him anew. So you can imagine how this morning went! I sat down with Kiana and Joseph separately and we talked about why Braden went to Miss Sharon, what he is working on and how he is doing so much better. They seemed to feel better after that. We had the opportunity to interact with Braden a bit more on this visit. We went out to the horses and he showed us how to feed them carrots.

Poor boy was feeling a little nervous. I told him I had butterflies as well and he thought that was funny.

It tugged at my heart to leave him there. We are hoping he can come home for his first visit over Thanksgiving. 

We haven't heard anything from Luna's GAL regarding her decision as to whether Luna should be moved. I had hoped she would call sometime this afternoon but it looks as if we will need to be patient.


  1. I love that last picture and love that you are seeing progress. Still praying here!

  2. I too love that last photo! So glad that you are seeing progress...and continuing to pray.


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