Friday, November 22, 2013

Our Week

Not much and a little bit of everything has been happening around here this week. I know that doesn't make sense but that is the best way I can think to describe it. Either Dean/and/or I had an appointment every day. I took Joseph for therapy Monday morning then dropped books off at the library. The children are participating in the Book It Program through school. Every child who reads or has an adult read to him for 200 minutes a month gets a free personal pizza from Pizza Hut at the end of the month. Tristan takes care of his own Book It papers, however I need to do the reading for the younger two. Getting books from the library makes all that reading easier as our books get really old after awhile.
 On Tuesday we went to a viewing. Our elderly neighbor Herbie, passed away last week. He and his wife didn't have any children and not much extended family, either. Audrey (Herbie's wife) and her sister plus a cousin of Herbie were the only people there. I felt so sorry for Audrey. When someone passes away I am used to an outpouring of support from the church and community. I think we take our church family for granted to often.
  Wednesday was spent sending emails and making phone calls along with a meeting. Thursday I had to go to Reading for a doctor app. Did some shopping while I was in town.` I got a huge bag of clothing at Goodwill, something that always makes me happy. Today the children and I stopped at the new Giant that just opened in Ephrata. Joseph was not at all sure he wanted to shop there. He kept asking me what they sell in the store and if I am sure I want to go there. It finally dawned on me that he is concerned because of the name... Giant! My brother got married a few weeks ago and Kiana and Joseph cannot understand this honeymoon business. Joseph asked my mom if they went in a rocket and today he wondered if they "came down yet." We have tried explaining that they did not go to the moon and a honeymoon has nothing to do with going there!

Joseph has graduated to a bigger bike. He hung onto his beginners bike as long as possible. Eventually Dean convinced him to try a bigger bike. At first Joseph wasn't sure he liked it but now he spends a lot of time riding around.

Keep praying. We are continually amazed at the power of prayer! We have been greatly encouraged by all the deeds of kindness shown, may God bless you richly!

                     A friend gave me these flowers from her garden as well as words of encouragement.

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