Thursday, December 5, 2013

It is Deer Season

Dean and Tristan each got a doe Monday morning. Tristan was one happy boy! He has high hopes of getting a buck before the season is over. Our neighbors helped us butcher the deer. We ground it up and I want to make chili with it. Last year I canned several quarts of chili and it was so handy for Sunday lunches or if I needed a quick and filling meal.

For your information, Tristan's doe is the bigger one. :)

I tried a new recipe this week, Candy Cane Muddy Buddies. The children love it, Dean wasn't to impressed but I saw him go back for more several times. He later agreed it is good to snack on. I usually give something to our neighbors along with a card. This chex mix will be the gift this year

5 cups chex cereal
10 oz. candy cane kisses
1 cup powdered sugar
1/2 crushed candy canes (I didn't add them)

Melt Kisses and pour over cereal. Stir till smooth and toss in powdered sugar add candy canes and toss again. 

I sewed the girls and I matching dresses this week. Pleasant Valley Mennonite School has their Christmas program tonight. Kiana has one Sunday dress and the program got me motivated to make her another one. I was  slightly tired of the material till I finished the third dress. The girls were thrilled to have matching dresses.

On Tuesday evening we went to Miss Laura for family therapy. While everyone enjoyed having Braden home, the visit also stirred up a lot of hidden feelings. Miss Laura was able to give Dean and I several pointers to help the children work through their feelings. She also explained that it is normal for them not to trust Braden. When someone hurts us we no longer trust them and that person will need to prove that they changed before our trust can begin to grow. 

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