Monday, December 9, 2013

Thankfulness and New Books

I have not been posting very often here of late. Dean put a new blocker on our computer and the pictures from his phone no longer download automatically onto our picture program. He has to plug his phone into the computer to download the pictures and neither he nor I remember to do it very often. I don't like posts without pictures so I simply don't write at all. Anyway, enough of that.
  Heather contacted me a little over a week ago and asked if I would be willing to write a "Thankful Post" in honor of her diagnosis and healing from Mesothelioma. I said I would and..... procrastinated. So here is my list of "Thankfuls"


- Braden's wounded heart has the ability to and is beginning to heal
- healthy family
- prayers of loved ones on our behalf these past months
- Christian therapists
- God's love and forgiveness
- a faithful husband
- grace
Heather also asked me to share a bit of my story with my readers. Since most of you know all about our journey with attachment disorder I will keep it really brief. If you want more information, leave a comment here on my blog and I will give you a more in depth version.
   Braden came to us at 17 months old. He suffered from neglect while living with is bio parents. Dean and I felt there is nothing love, healthy food and time cannot heal. We were dead wrong! Because Braden never learned to bond with anyone as an infant he was given the message that adults cannot be trusted therefore I must watch out for myself. When we tried to get close to him he pushed us away for fear of us getting to close emotionally and hurting him again. We tried many different therapists, programs, psychiatrists .... at the beginning of June 2013, Dean and I realized Braden needed more help than weekly therapy could provide so we looked into therapeutic treatment programs. We found The Attachment Place (TAP) in MD. and felt God's leading to place him there. He receives weekly therapy with a licensed therapist and the family he lives with is trained to help children heal from AD. We are so thankful Braden has been allowing us into his heart and is learning to trust as an emotionally healthy child should.
  You can read more about Heathers story at:    mesothelioma.com/heather

Saturday evening we went to Journey To Bethlehem at Woodcrest Retreat. I would urge you to go if you have the opportunity. Upon entering you register, pay your taxes and wait for a wagon to take you to the start of your journey. You then follow Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem, hear the inn keeper turn them away, sit in the field with the shepherds and hear the angels proclaim the glad news and then go to see Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. Along the way you are served hot chocolate and can buy crackers in the "market place." Our children loved it! Kiana wondered why they wore such funny clothing. We warmed up with still more hot chocolate when we got home.

I have several books lying here waiting to be read. I love to read and seldom have a stack of books waiting on me. I joined a trauma mama Christmas gift exchange and bought this book to send with my gift.

I am skim reading through it to be sure it fits the criteria for books the recipient likes. We wrote down our likes and dislikes, what made us "trauma mama's," etc. I was glad for the list because I am sending the gift to a complete stranger. 

This book is one that just came out. I know several of the people who shared their stories. Their is a wealth of information in this book. The stories are true accounts and share every facet of adoption. The thrill of holding your child for the first time, the first time the child says, "You aren't my mom!" the deep pain of attachment disorder and the rejoicing when a child learns to love, it is all here.

This is the huge portion of chili I made last week:

In case you are wondering, this IS a water tub for animals and they sell them at PaulB. It holds 
6 1/2 gallons and is wonderful for mixing huge batches of soup.
I took pictures of the children when Braden was home over Thanksgiving. I got them made into Christmas cards and somehow ordered way to many. If you don't receive a card within the next week and would like to take one off my hands leave a comment with your address or send me an email. The cards aren't anything special, just a quick photo. It was the only chance I had to get a picture with Braden on it and we were not about to go searching for a studio that was open on Thanksgiving day.

Enjoy the snow! The children had a 2 hour delay this morning. It was very nice because it is my turn to drive the school children this week.

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