Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! We are having a relaxing day at home. Tonight we plan to go over to Deans parents, if all continues to go well, that is.
   On Monday I went down to TAP to get Braden for his second home visit. This was the first time I drove down by myself. I was a bit nervous, especially since the accident I had on Friday. Everything went well, I didn't wreck, fall asleep or get lost. :) Braden has been doing very well. He had a few rough days in the last few weeks so we weren't sure what to expect, we needn't have worried. We have had a few rough spots but thus far we where always able to work them out.
 I had a long to do list yesterday because I wasn't home on Monday. I told the children if they help with the laundry and cleaning we can make cut out cookies. I had very willing helpers and my work was soon finished.

A few cookies and a LOT of sprinkles!

   We slept in this morning then enjoyed bacon, eggs and sticky buns for brunch before opening our gifts.

The three boys looking at a book together. Last week I bought a gingerbread house for the children to decorate. I wanted lots of activities to fill up the day. The house is still in the box as the children spent most of their day playing with their new toys. Dean and I are amazed at the difference in Braden, he has come so far these past few weeks. Thanks for your prayers on our behalf, they have made all the difference for our family!

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  1. I love to hear about how God is working in your lives!


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