Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Joseph!

Bedtime chat with my little boy. He becoming such a little gentleman!

We decorated the gingerbread house the day after Christmas....better late than never! We were being neat and careful until the frosting bag split down the side and we had frosting everywhere. Finished putting the frosting on with our fingers.

We stopped for a quick lunch at Burger King before dropping Braden off at TAP.

Braden progress has been incredible! He is blossoming into a happy, contented little boy. God has answered our prayers for his healing. We are so thankful. I probably sound like a broken record on my posts but the change in Bradens life is astounding!!!!

This is what happens when you spend the day at Grandpa's and run along with your uncles all day. Tristan got this puzzle as a gift from his teacher. Dean and I were crazy enough to stay up late working on it.

Yesterday was Joseph's 6th birthday. I wanted to take a picture of my three 6 year olds before we took Braden back but in our rush to leave I forgot all about it. We celebrated his birthday today because we weren't home much yesterday.

Joseph is into paper and glue so I bought him a large sketch pad, twistable crayons and glue.

Happy Birthday Joseph! We love you and thrilled to see you growing in every area of your life!
Joseph enjoys taking things apart to see how they work, looking at books, building with Lego's, taking rides on the four wheeler and listening to story cd's.

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