Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thank You

Our week hasn't been anything like I planned which isn't necessarily a bad thing, unless you take into consideration all the work I could have done if I would have had more motivation. Tuesday we enjoyed a snow day. Kiana and Joseph couldn't figure out why they weren't going to school on Wednesday. I told them they go on Tuesday's and no one would have been there cause school was cancelled. They were sure somebody would have been there. We made cards and colored pictures to send to Braden since we suddenly had a free morning. He enjoys getting mail so I send him pictures, cards or treats and letters telling him what we are doing and reminding him that we are looking forward to the day when he comes home to stay. It seems every time he comes home for a home visit I forget to send an article of clothing along back with him so those items usually find their way back down to TAP by mail.

         Tristan came home from school on Monday with a box under his arm and a huge grin on his face. He handed me the box and there were whoopie pies and cookies inside! The mother of one of his classmates has chosen to bless our family with baked goods. Last week she sent a bagful of treats and now this week we get this! May God bless you! 
             Today I had another appointment that was canceled because the person I was meeting was sick. Rather than stay home and get some things done, I dropped some things off at a neighbor and stayed to chat a bit before taking my books back to the library and stopping at a consignment shop.
On Monday evening Joseph heard the local weather report. He asked me how those men know what the weather will be like ahead of time. I told him they go to school to study it. He looked puzzled then brightened and said, "Those are probably the men that tell God what to do!" 

We have received much encouragement these past months and it all means so much! Once Tristan said, "You mean all those people are praying for our family when they don't even know us?" Yes Tristan, they are. What a blessing to be a part of the family of God!

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