Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blessed Week

On Friday I am going to be picking up Braden for another home visit. He is not coming home to stay at the end of this month as we had hoped. We knew the return date was tentative at best and after speaking with his therapist and Miss Sharon we all feel he will benefit from a little more time there. He has begun taking medication for ADD. He had a very difficult time focusing and Miss Sharon felt it was interfering with his school work as well as his emotional healing. Yesterday she sent me a picture of him working on his lessons while there were various activities going on around him. Praise the Lord!
   Yesterday Tristan's class went to September Farms for a field trip today. The children were allowed to take money along to buy cheese. We went onto their website and I wrote down what kind I wanted Tristan to buy. He came home with these cheeses as well as a container of peach rings and one of bubble gum! :) The cheese is delicious!

This is what Kiana does during our afternoon nap/quiet time. She enjoys looking at books and trying to sound out the words. All of our children like books. I have read stories to the children from the time they were babies. Tristan still likes to curl up and listen to me read aloud.

My freezer is well stocked with both beef and pork. We are so blessed to have such a variety of meat.

Friday evening Dean and I had a date night. We exchange babysitting with another couple from church. One month we care for the children and the next month we go out. Tristan thought it is weird that married people need to go on dates. We went to the Outback Creamery and Grill. Their sandwiches are delicious. We decided to share a dessert and when it arrived I was glad we had, it was huge! Afterward we did a little shopping before we picked up the children.

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  1. Hello, someone commented on my blog that you too are walking the residential treatment road with your son. I have read a little to try to catch up but could you comment and tell me when your son left your home to live in his RTC? Sounds like he is doing great and that gives me hope for my son. We will be doing my son's intake on Monday. Hard times, as you know first hand.


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