Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Tristan

Tristan is 10! I think I can safely say we have entered the tween years. Grown up one moment and little boy the next. Tristan's birthday celebration was scattered over several days. We had his birthday cake on Monday evening since Braden was home. Tristan asked for his favorite; Caramel Cake. I told him I won't be able to decorate it very well as it has Whipped Cream frosting. He said candles will be good enough. Dean took Tristan out for supper and then they went to Cabela's to pick out a birthday gift. Tristan picked out a scope for his BB gun. This morning he said his legs are sore from walking all over the store last night.

Tristan and his double burger from Five Guys.  

Kiana and Joseph gave chocolate roses to their teacher for Valentine's Day. They came home from school with bags of candy and treats. I told them I will keep their bags safe for them. Joseph thought his candy would be safest in his room and Kiana was in full agreement with that idea. I persuaded them to let me put it on top of the fridge where little hands can't reach it and where I can monitor how much candy they eat.

It was Kiana's turn to dry the dishes the other evening. She wasn't very happy about it and proceeded to let us know how she felt. Dean talked to her about her actions and told her that when she grows up she might have to do dishes every day as she won't have brothers to help her.  She said she is going to be a cowgirl so she doesn't have to do any dishes, she will just get her cowboy to do them for her! Afraid she might be in for a rude awakening.

Yesterday it was 1 year since I began blogging. My main reason for writing was to inform others about early childhood trauma and to share my faith. Little did I know what the year had in store for us! A year ago Braden couldn't form a relationship, due to the neglect he experienced as a baby. This year he is healthier than we dared hope would ever be possible. God has moved mountains, parted the waters and is still working on our behalf. We have connected with people across the world, who pray for us and share stories and advice. So while this year was rough in so many ways, was God good? YES!!!! We have received many cards, emails and letters saying, "We are praying for you and shared your needs with our prayer group." What blessing to be a part of the family of God.

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