Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Prayer & Praise

This is what I have been meditating on today: We are called to praise and glorify God. It doesn't matter what trials come our way, our job is to find ways to praise God in the midst of it and trust me, there are many things to praise him for! This morning I had the chance to put my pondering's into shoe leather. Tristan has been running a fever, complaining his head, chest and throat hurt since Monday. Yesterday his fever was down and I thought we were over the worst of it. This morning his eyes were glassy and he mumbled that his head hurt so badly. Dean was still home in bed because he is also sick, so I decided to take Tristan to Urgent Care right away rather than wait for a dr app. and then need a babysitter. I should have checked the hours before I left but since I didn't we got there an hour before they open. Next I tried Quick Care, same hours. So we turned around and headed back home to wait an hour before going back. I was feeling a little disgruntled with myself when I remembered, Praise God in all things! So I began to praise him for my health, for a place to take my sick children, that we weren't in the midst of a snow storm and you know? I was soon feeling much better. We did go to Quick Care and Tristan has Acute Sinusitis. I am hoping with Amoxicillin he will be able to go to school on Friday, as he hasn't been there all week thus far.

Kiana and Joseph are going to be having a Valentine Party at school tomorrow, if we aren't snowed in. They each decorated a brown paper bag to put treats in. Each child may bring candy or cards to put in their classmates bag. Signing their names on the candy packages kept Kiana and Joseph busy for quite some time.

Braden spent a lot of time working with these beads. Miss Sharon's birthday was awhile ago and Braden wanted to give her a gift. He thought some leftover candy canes would be a good idea. He wasn't very happy when I told him we didn't have any left but when I mentioned that he could make Miss Sharon a heart he cheered up.

The birds are crowding around the feeder and suet block today. Probably packing on the fat so they can ride out the storm that is coming.  Last night Dean pushed the snow piles back so he has a place to push the fresh snow. Tristan's teacher just stopped by with a bag of cookies from a school friend's mom. God knows just when to send bit of sunshine our way, another thing to praise him for!

Please continue to pray for us. When people pray, God moves! We can feel it each and every time and pray that you would b blessed for remembering us.

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