Monday, February 10, 2014

Still Sick

We are making up for the good health we enjoyed thus far. Last week it was the stomach bug this week fever and colds. Tristan is home sick, again. I was up with one child or another a minimum of 10 times last night and coffee isn't cutting the brain fog.
   Braden is home for a few days. He is now on his ADD meds and we can tell a big difference. He doesn't go from one thing to the next without focusing on anything like he used to. I am taking him back to TAP tomorrow so if you think about us, pray for safe traveling.

We were certain we would be out of electric till Wednesday morning as the wind was roaring through the ice covered trees. Thankfully we never lost power! The sun was shining through the trees on Wednesday morning, making everything glisten and sparkle. Made me think of Heaven.

Dean cut a tree down Saturday afternoon. The children made a huge pile of twigs and small branches. They grumbled a bit at the thought of hauling all those branches but admitted that they felt a sense of accomplishment when they were finished. Dean plans to cut and split the wood to use in our stove next year. With the cold weather we have gone through more wood than normal.

Dean and Kiana reading. I love Sunday afternoons. There isn't anything that needs to be done so I needn't feel guilty about being lazy. Most of us took naps then Dean took the children on a golf cart ride while I curled up with a book and a mug of coffee. 

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