Friday, April 25, 2014

My Week

This week has flown by! My days have been full of necessary things like grocery shopping and fun things like a day out with friends. I make good use of the local discount store as my cupboards seem to need continual restocking. Tristan is only 10 but it is amazing how much food a growing boy can pack away. 
   Tuesday evening Dean and I enjoyed a date night together. We bought a coupon for an evening of babysitting along with supper brought in for the children at our youth groups' servant sale.  We made use of that coupon and went to Smokey Bones for supper and then to Home Depot where we looked at lights, bathroom vanities, showers and then bought some flooring for the family room. The carpet we put  in the family room several years ago did not wear well at all. Even after having it shampooed numerous times, the stains would return after a day or two.  
   Wednesday, Kiana and Joseph helped me clean the garage. They put things away and ran for supplies as I needed them. I rewarded them by reading some books aloud. Both Kiana and Joseph are learning to read. I found a LeapFrog toy at a reuzit shop that allows them to push letters and make words. It is a favorite of theirs but is banned to the basement because it is so noisy. Our children have always loved looking at books and I am thrilled that they are excited about being able to read those books themselves
  Thursday my friends and I had a ladies day at a cabin. We made stromboli's, had a leisurely lunch, drank coffe and tea, talked and soaked our feet. I haven't had such a relaxing day in a long time. The children had their spring program last night. They did a super job! I quickly snapped a picture before we headed out the door. 22 more days of school and then, SUMMER VACATION!

I made these candy kabobs for a bake sale fund raiser. I planned to bake all kinds of goodies but somehow the days passed and I didn't get anything made. I thought these candy kabobs would be quick, simple and look nice. My fingers were sore till I was finished plus we have a stash of leftover gummies in the cupboard much to my children's delight. 

Braden is coming home again this afternoon. Miss Sharon is bringing him as she plans to attend the Northeast Adoption Summit that Bethany Childrens Services organized. I was offered a free ticket which was an incredible offer but since I knew Braden would be returning from TAP today I didn't want to spend the next day away from home. I hope to hear all about it from others who attend.  


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