Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summertime and Books

I believe we can say summer is officially here! The children are outside cooling off with the hose. Tristan has been begging to get the pool out but with all the rain we had last week, setting up the pool wasn't a priority. Dean wasn't sure he wanted to bother getting it out this year as we were hoping to be building by now. However, we don't have the permits and it looks like it could be awhile before we do, so bring on the pool!

Joseph and Kiana got some class pictures and a letter in the mail from their Kindergarden teacher. They were beyond thrilled! At bedtime on the last day of school Kiana cried and cried because Mrs. Risser would no longer be her teacher. I told her that she could see Mrs. Risser at recess but she wasn't about to be comforted by that thought! 

These three books came in the mail today. I haven't read them aloud to the children but just from flipping through them I can tell they will reinforce the life lessons we are trying to instill. A mom from somewhere, either a blog or support group highly recommended them. When I went to the website I had a hard time deciding which books I wanted as they all would have been books my children would learn from.

This is a list of the books in this series. If I remember correctly Joy Berry's website had all kinds of things you can use to teach your children life lessons.

This is what I am reading. I am 3/4 of the way through the book and am amazed at how well this mom does in parenting her needy child. Her strength and courage is incredible. She talks about how quickly she learned to know the mental health system and how she stands up for her son and the treatment he needs. At one time she would have been to timid and unsure of herself, not anymore! 

I cut up our first watermelon this afternoon. I planned to do some baking today but it is so warm in the house I just couldn't bring myself to make it even warmer by turning my oven on. Supper is grilled burgers n milkshakes, then it is off to Summer Bible School. The watermelon will be the perfect snack when we get home since everyone including mom, think they need something to eat after we get home.


  1. Where will you be building? We are also waiting on our permits, to start building next to Bob & Glenda. The house plans are approved for the building permit, but the township keeps having issues with our land development engineer. We thought we'd be breaking ground this week, but now we are hoping to the beginning of July - if township finds no more issues!! I can't wait for the day we start digging! I'm sure you're just as anxious! :)

    1. We plan to build an addition onto our house. We are waiting for permits as we ran into some issues with the surveying.


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