Monday, June 9, 2014

Saturday Projects

The children are loving their weighted blankets. I made another one on Saturday so the girls no longer have to share one. I wanted a girly print but the two year old wanted the "green one with monkeys." We compromised and did one side with pink and the other in green. I made it pretty small so she can tote it around.

I bought this fabric to make a weighted blanket for a friend. Am anxious to get started on it. I am making it large enough to fit the child's bed. I asked Tristan if he would like one and he said I don't have to bother. A little later he told me that if I really want to make one for him I may.

Braden helping peel the border off the wall.

Dean gave the bathroom the first coat of paint on Saturday. I am anxious to have two functional bathrooms again. It seems when someone is using the bathroom everyone else suddenly needs to "go" and NOW!

I got a new parenting book in the mail. It is called, Trying Differently Rather Than Harder. by Diane Malbin.  It comes highly recommended by a mom who has children with special needs. This mom said she passed it on to everyone who worked with her daughter. I will let you all know if it is worth your time reading. :)

Braden made Dean and I papers the other evening. He drew pictures on them and included a little note with each one. He drew a picture of Deans truck and wrote, "You are a lucky person because you have a strong heart." He couldn't have said it better. Do those of us with healthy "emotional hearts" remember to thank God for them? We can give and receive love freely and do it without giving it much thought but for people who have experienced great pain and loss in their lives, giving and receiving love is a monumental task. 

The remainder of my day consists of appointments and shuffling children between various babysitters. I love summer time but that means I also have more children to put to sitters, something I do not like doing but have to do regularly. :)

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  1. Just let your children know that my brother and his wife and 10 children had only one bathroom until 6 months ago. :)


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