Friday, July 25, 2014

A Fun Day

My sister Shari and I took the children to Cherry Crest Adventure Farm today. They loved it and so did mom!
Joseph loved these chicks. He is my animal lover. He kept holding the chick up to his face and rubbing its soft down over his cheek. He would have spent a long time cuddling the little fellows. His siblings weren't quite as fascinated and were impatiently waiting to see the other animals, so he had to put it back in its box.
There is a sheep behind the fence...Joseph was feeding it pellets

There were two kids there. An employee brought one out for the children to touch. They were adorable!

Watching the goats.

The hay tunnel was another favorite

This slide was the highlight of the day!

Lincoln Logs... you could build your own cabin

The Slingshot, each person was given three tennis balls to shoot




The inner track was for the younger children. Tristan was tall enough to go on the outer track. They were allowed to go around the track a couple of extra times because there wasn't anyone waiting to ride.

We finished the day with some yummy frozen yogurt and many sweet toppings. 

Kiana is currently building an "Adventure Tent" outside. She said all the people in the world may come to it. Tristan is busy taming the newest kittens on the place. I can't step out the door without sidestepping kittens. The children drag them all over the place. When the cats get tired of it they run off into the woods. Then you can find little people sitting just outside the woods, patiently waiting for them to come out again.

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