Wednesday, July 16, 2014


We were at Dean's Uncles cabin over last weekend. Just our little family which the children were sure would be so boring. After we came home Tristan said, "You were right mom, it wasn't boring, I had fun!" Isn't it amazing that mom can actually be right sometimes. :)

There are a lot of trails through the woods so these vehicles drank quite a bit of gas. 

                         Kiana was allowed to drive the golf cart in the yard. She was so proud of herself!

                                                                    Eating breakfast

Saturday morning Dean made sausages on the grill

He also made some yummy burgers over a wood fire.

If you build a fire you need to roast marshmallows

Joseph likes his marshmallows burnt, so he puts them right in the fire

I bought Melissa and Doug reusable sticker sets awhile ago. The girls had fun decorating the Chipmunk House with the food and furniture stickers. 

                                 We watched tadpoles swimming and saw a few fish jump in the pond.

I enjoyed a leisurely walk along the dirt road that goes by the cabin. I was sort of hoping I would see a bear but at the same time I was relieved not to have run into one. I did see a deer and several chipmunks. There were lots of Monarch Butterflies flitting among the flowers as well. None of them were still long enough for me to get a picture.We came home feeling refreshed and lazier than ever, if that is possible. The children helped unpack everything then we took a quick swim and drank blueberry milk shakes before bedtime.

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  1. That bedhead at the breakfast table looks familiar! :) Looks like a fun, relaxing time.


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