Friday, August 15, 2014

Dental Surgery

Joseph has waited a long time to get his teeth fixed. I had all manner of insurance issues. I called them with a question, they left a message for me, I left a message for them and on it went. Joseph was thrilled that his teeth wouldn't hurt anymore. He told me, "Lia had a big day and now I am having a big day!" Personally I don't think there is any comparison between an adoption and dental surgery but who am I to say?

He was NOT impressed with the gown. He asked why he has to wear a blue dress

Growing drowsy from his sleepy juice. 

Finally a bed and a warm blanket.  At this point he told me his teeth no longer hurt. He was hoping he could still back out.

A very blurry post op pic. He was thrilled to be able to keep his fuzzy socks and his wish was granted, he got to a wheel chair ride. I bought him a milk shake on the way home. He had it drained in 15 minutes. Tonight he is running around here like nothing happened!

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