Thursday, August 21, 2014

More Pictures and An Update

                                             Here are a few more pictures from Lia's adoption.

Dean, Lia and I with Sheryl Bernot from COBYS. Sheryl has been right by our side through the whole journey. She advocated for our family, calmed fears, corrected misunderstandings with CYS and prayed for us. Sheryl was as happy as Dean and I (if that is possible) when the adoption was finalized. 

Lia beaming at her admirers. She doesn't understand the concept of adoption but she does know something very special took place.

I am often asked how Braden is doing and I am sure you all are wondering as well. I wish I could say he is doing great, unfortunately that is not the case. We are seeing another specialist as everyone involved in his care feels that there is something else going on besides RAD. He had a few months where he did really well. We saw the "real" Braden that had been buried under the pain, fear and grief for so many years but for reasons no one can explain, that window closed again. Please continue to pray for us as the uncertainty we experienced this past year still affects us. There are several good things that came from the accusations and turmoil. One of them is that I can now in a small way feel the betrayal Braden felt while in his bio home. Another is that I know God is in control. He gave Dean and I peace when in reality we should have felt anything but peaceful! 

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