Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer Vacation

Last week My sisters and I went down to mom to can peaches. It is always more fun when we can work together.
Peaches ready for the canner

Canned peaches

We discovered that putting a teaspoon of Fruit Fresh in each jar before filling them with syrup keeps the peaches looking and tasting more like fresh peaches. Kiana dutifully put a teaspoon in each and every jar.

Friday evening we had Lia's adoption party. (More pictures later) She received many nice gifts and enjoyed all the attention.

Yesterday I took the childrens to Chris' Pizza for lunch. They earned a soda & one slice of pizza through the summer reading program at our local library. We had PTF meeting at school last night and stopped for their free cones at M*Donalds. They were out of cones and gave them each a sundae instead! No one complained about that!

Today is the last day of summer vacation. I will miss my childrens help and Lia will miss her playmates, however I am looking forward to having a schedule once again. At the beginning of summer vacation I had high ideals. We would stay on schedule, each child would have their daily chores and we would use the remainder of our days soaking up the sun, reading, eating ice cream, swimming and all the fun things that come with summer. Somehow, I never established the routine but we did all the fun things so yes, Summer was a success!

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