Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Morning: Sleepy First Graders

How do you get your first graders up and at it on school mornings? I have tried everything. Letting them lay in bed awhile before telling them they need to get dressed, dressing them, pushing them, making picture "to do" charts so they know what to do next, setting the timer and threatening to take them to school in their pj's. I know that last thing was a no no for troubled children but their mama is becoming troubled as well by the morning battles! We have revivals this week. We went Monday evening and Tuesday morning they could scarcely function. Last night we stayed home and the ones who needed it were in bed by 8:00, which means they had 11 + hours of sleep and they were still tired this morning. I remember when Tristan was in first grade I would read aloud until the van came. He had to be dressed, have his breakfast eaten and back pack by the door before we did any reading. That tactic was a no go for me this year. What works best for you?

My little people who are not morning people, unless it is Saturday morning. Why is it that the same people who struggle to get up mornings can be up bright and early Saturday mornings?

I have been implementing this box for about two months. It was mainly to keep the children from setting their stuff on the table, floor or counter tops when they came in the door. The plan is simple: you leave your stuff out, mom picks it up and puts it in her box. To get it out you pick a slip out of the envelope and do the chore written on it. The your stuff is yours once more! Depends on the situation I do remind them once or twice to pick their things up. Tristan was NOT impressed. He told me it is one of the weirdest idea's he ever heard of. He didn't see how it would prevent anyone from leaving their things lying about. Guess what? He was the worst for letting things lay around and I haven't had to pick up his things even once!

This morning I cleaned the boys and girls room's and plan to implement the box plan for bedrooms as well. I know they won't be happy with me but when I saw how well they did in making sure they didn't leave things lay around in the kitchen and family room, I knew it was time to include the bedrooms.

These are some of the chores I have written on the slips. I turn the papers backward so they can't choose the easier jobs. 
-wipe off kitchen chairs
-wash stairway walls
-organize childrens books
-pick up toys in the basement
-get the trash out of the Explorer
-sweep porches
-sweep bedroom floors

here is the link to the website where I got the idea:

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