Saturday, October 18, 2014

Busy Week

We had a busy week around here:
It was my week to drive the school van, which always makes things extra busy.
I finally got my license renewed ... a few days short of the 60 day dead line.
Met a friend for coffee and talk
Three adoptive mom's took me out for supper to celebrate my birthday and made me laugh. :)
We had Preparatory Services Wednesday evening. Took Joseph along and gave him melatonin in hopes that he would sleep through the service as he usually goes to bed at 7:00. I wouldn't recommend trying it....he didn't sleep a stitch and was irritable from trying to stay awake.
Tristan had a friend over for a few days.
Last night we enjoyed a hayride with several church families.
I started my fall housecleaning.
And of course did all the usual work that goes with living: made food, washed, folded and put away laundry, baked, bought groceries, read stories, wiped noses, calmed fears, helped my little people battle big feelings and settled squabbles.

This is what happens when you refuse to take a nap...you fall asleep standing up

Lia cleans her house while I work at cleaning mine.

I have been mulling over a problem of mine while I scrub cupboards, doors and windows. The past two years have been rough for our family. First we needed to find a place that would provide 24/7 therapy for Braden, then CYS couldn't understand why we felt he needed such intense therapy and wanted to move Lia. Neither Dean nor I laughed much during that time. Life was just to hard to be lighthearted. We tried so hard to find help for Braden and then to be criticized and harshly judged for getting him that help, crushed our ability to truly laugh and be light hearted. That isn't necessarily a bad thing but now I still haven't regained my ability enjoy a wholesome laugh with friends and family. I go home feeling tired, stressed and strained and wonder what is wrong with me. I believe it is just another symptom of PTSD and hopefully will resolve itself with time. 

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