Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Joseph and Kiana

Josephs teacher is awesome! I praise God that we have godly teachers who are willing to learn about trauma and how it affects children. The first grade teacher not only learns about about it she implements it, even if some of the techniques we try are a bit unconventional at times. I started a notebook that Joseph carries in his school folder. Mornings I write in it and send it to school with him. His teacher comments on his day and sends it along home in the afternoon. It is a good way for us to keep in touch. I wasn't sure if he would be ok with the idea but he was only to happy to give his teacher something. Anyway, today I was shopping and my phone rang. I saw the call was from school and my heart did a quick flip flop which I am sure some of you can relate to. It was Miss Wilma calling to ask if I was aware that Joseph forgot his lunch. Uh oh! She said he was fine though. She keeps a stash for just such times and Joseph picked something out for snack and also got to choose what he wants for lunch. The teacher wanted to tell me he is fine and I needn't bring his lunch. That was a huge step! Joseph has "food issues" just like most little people who came from hard places and the fact that he was able to hold it together when he discovered his lunch was missing, plus say I needn't bring his lunch was huge! 
   Kiana could easily win the Drama Queen of the Year award. When she was a toddler we would laugh at her ability to produce tears on demand. What is funny at two isn't so comical at 6! She thinks she has such a hard life. Everyone has a birthday before she does, her turn to be class leader won't be for such a long time and Lia gets so many adoptions gifts..... and on and on it goes. Dean sat down with her tonight and tried to explain that her birthday isn't last. Everyone has a birthday once a year and her birthday comes around as often as anyone else's. She kept insisting her birthday was last and Dean kept trying to explain how it works. We ended up using a clock and using the numbers and hands to show her how the years go around. She wasn't convinced and went to bed as sure as ever that she needs to wait longer than anyone else.
Kiana is blessed with a very patient Daddy who willingly explains things over and over

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