Friday, November 28, 2014

An Apology

I think I owe everyone an apology or at least an explanation in regards to my post yesterday.
#1. lesson learned, don't dump your feelings onto your blog without giving it a time to settle. In other words, write it, then wait several hours to post it
#2. I did NOT mean others around me only chatter trivial nonsense. I meant I have forgotten how to relate to others because I have been living in a "me and my trauma house" of my own making. Part of which was due to necessity and part of which was selfishness.
#3. I do need others and I do need my friends and family.....I just don't do a good job of relating to them. Which is my fault not theirs.
#4. Our path is not harder than anyone else's..... I was hoping to assure other mom's who parent traumatized children that it is normal to feel like an alien as you need a whole different mindset when caring for hurting children and it literally (I think) changes the way you view the world. Not that your way is any better or worse than others, it is just different.
I apologize for hurting people's feelings. I did not mean that at all but I need to remember you aren't mind readers and I need to say exactly what I mean.

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