Thursday, November 27, 2014


My blog has long been a form of therapy for me. A way to write my feelings down and write them truthfully. If I just write them on a paper that no one see's, it doesn't bring healing like writing on my blog. Yeah, I am strange. Most people would sooner hide their inner turmoil, joys and pain but not me. Dean always tells me I carry my heart around on my sleeve. I can't do superficial relationships. I used to be able to but not anymore. The higher the mountains and deeper the valleys I am called to walk, the less I can relate to the lighter side of life. I hope to someday gain back that ability but for now, God is calling me to feel deeply what I face. I have a very hard time joining in the chit chat that goes along with most get together's but I have spent hours on the phone talking to people I have never met. People who are facing life altering decisions. Things like their  children who need out of home placement, abuse, neglect, mental illness, depression, legal issues involving children.... you name it, I have probably talked to someone about it in the past months. If I haven't Dean has. I asked Dean why God has ever called us to this, this advising people when we struggle so ourselves. He reminded me that God calls those who are weak and small, people like Moses and David and Samuel. People who are insignificant. So we accept God's calling on our life and pray that he would use us to better his kingdom.
So today I am thankful for the people and experiences God has brought into my life (and I will come back to this post tomorrow or whenever the next wave of "poor me" washes over me).
Today I am thankful for:
My family
all my physical blessings
my health

And I pray for those who do not have these blessings. In the midst of our celebration's today, lets remember those who are suffering and most of all those who do not know about Jesus and the work he did on the cross to free us from sin.

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