Friday, November 7, 2014

This and That

I am slowly recuperating from the stress overload I experienced on Wednesday. As stressful as that day was, it in no way compares to the stress levels our children from hard places must have felt on a daily basis. They didn't know if they would have their tummies filled or have to go to bed gnawing on their blanket in an attempt to calm the hunger pangs. Would mom or dad hit them or worse? What about the so called friends their parents might bring into their home. They weren't safe anywhere. As much as I dislike going through these valleys we have been walking through the past years, they have certainly given me a better perspective for my children's trauma. 
   Yesterday was a hard day for Joseph. We had spent a little bit of time helping him process his day, when we tucked him into bed Wednesday night. It wasn't nearly long enough however and when he came in the door from school yesterday I knew we were in for a storm of mega proportions. He didn't get his smiley face and when I asked what had happened, he flipped in typical trauma fashion. I couldn't begin to reason with him as he was to far gone to even hear what I said. He didn't want me close to him so I put him in his bed. Sometimes he just needs to get it out of his system. A woman with  FASD said she still gets those fits. Her husband holds her tight and she rages till it is all gone, then she is okay again. I tried to talk with Joseph several times but he just wasn't ready to talk. When Dean came home he got Joseph to tell what part of the problem was. One of his classmates' aunt's passed away recently and Joseph was so sad about it. Joseph said his teacher said this lady taught first grade one time and he really wanted to see what she looked like. His chin was quivering while he was telling Dean, so Dean knew Joseph was serious. I didn't think that was what had made Joseph totally lose it though. When Joseph acts like that, it is because of something that either happened or something he thought might happen to him. While he is tenderhearted he doesn't get quite that upset when the happening isn't directly related to him. I asked if he is worried that his teacher will die but he insisted it wasn't that. I thought it was. Often times he cannot connect the happening with why it might be making him feel so out of control. I said, "If I were a little boy and I heard that a teacher had died I would be really worried my teacher might die as well." "Is that how you feel Joseph?" His face cleared, he relaxed and said, "Yes I am!" Such an ordeal!

I finally bought a 2015 planner. I like the cheap ones from Walmart because they have a lot of writing space for each day of the week. That way it can be a combined planner/diary. What type of planner do you use?

This morning I made an unplanned trip to school. Kiana forgot to take her morning meds and I know she is capable of disturbing the entire class if she doesn't take her pills. While we were on the road I stopped for a few other things I needed, including the ingredients for Autumn Tea. It is delicious, I will need to share the recipe sometime. 

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