Thursday, November 6, 2014


Yesterday was hard but we felt your prayers. Thank you so much! I get tears typing this. What would we do without God's people to pray for us when we are to weak to pray ourselves? The meals and babysitting helped make a rough day easier. Thank you!
   We didn't make any firm decisions yesterday. Eddie and Sharon gave us different options and shared the pro's and con's of each one. Sharon gave me the numbers of various professionals to call so we can get their input and advise before making a decision. We feel God is opening a path before us but until we talk to others and hear their opinion we won't be moving ahead. Please continue to pray for us, our children and everyone who will effected by the outcome.
   I woke up with stiff and sore muscles, sore eyes and brain fog. I haven't felt like this since we had our appointment with the psychologist who heard our side of the "CYS story" and ultimately confirmed that we were able to parent, we just had a difficult child and a caseworker who didn't understand RAD.


Oh great God, you alone can ease
The pounding of my troubled heart
Only with you I am at peace
For you make all my fears depart

Comfort me with your blazing love
And pacify my worried soul
Your grace of love from up above
Is healing love that makes me whole

Cast away all my doubts and fears
And lift my downcast spirit Lord
Please let my heart be brought to cheer
By your comforting love and Word

My body and mind may be frail
But your healing love keeps me strong
Your love will never ever fail
So to me, nothing will go wrong

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