Friday, December 19, 2014

Choose Joy

I found the quote: Choose Joy and decided that it is what I need to do more often. Since I am so forgetful, I asked a friend if she could paint something with those words on. She painted this sign for me and I set it above the corner cupboard in the kitchen, where it is visible as I go about my day. It has been a help quite often this week...when Joseph gets in a funk over school issues, Lia accidentally on purpose spills her milk on the clean kitchen chair, or Kiana and Tristan are having a word battle yet again, I try to remember, Choose Joy!
I should have had my Choose Joy sign along at the doctors office yesterday. Kiana needed a new prescription and Tristan needed a booster shot. I made the appointment right after school so I had all four children along. I figured it wouldn't take long but we were there for 1.5 hours! Lia passed the time yelling and smearing chap stick on her face. Needless to say, I was feeling anything but joyful till we were finally ready to leave.
Tristan was very annoyed with all the whining Lia was doing. He kept telling her to be quiet. The more frustrated he became the more she whined. 
Kiana...Lia hid her face because she didn't want me taking a picture of her snooty face.

Joseph was beyond bored

We eat lots of cereal around here. Deans mom gave us some granola one time and the children fell in love with it. I gave some for a gift recently and Kiana got upset with me for giving it away. She told me that is her favorite cereal...I shouldn't be giving it to people!

A friend dropped by with this gift basket. What a day brightener! Thanking God for friends today.

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I Choose Joy!

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