Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Joseph!

Happy Birthday Joseph! He finally turned 7 yesterday. Joseph thought he had to wait an awfully long time for this birthday to arrive.

Joseph loves presents, don't we all? :) There is a downside for Joseph though. When he receives a gift he equates the gift with love. He knows we love him and he can usually take in that love. Giving a gift however, equals a greater dose of love in his mind and while he likes that feeling it is very scary because he remembers a time when he opened his heart to love and his birth mom neglected him. When he receives a gift, especially if it is from mom n dad, that helpless feeling is triggered and he panics. A year ago we figured out why he panics and have since then been able to talk him through his feelings. He is getting better at understanding why he gets scared when he receives a gift. Understanding is part of the battle.

Can't quite manage a smile.

We love you Joseph and hope and pray the day will come when you will believe with your whole heart that we will always love and care for you. Until then, we will continue telling you how special you are!

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