Saturday, December 27, 2014


Braden is back at TAP, let the meltdowns begin! Seriously though, things have gone surprisingly well considering Braden was not ready for a home visit, we celebrated Christmas and some of the children had a few personal things they were working through. Braden is++ terrified of any sort of relationship so we cared for his needs and didn't push the relationships. Braden has everyone puzzled with his total regression. The people working with him have never seen a child regress and stay stuck in that place. We know FASD is playing a large part in his inability to think beyond the moment and think how his actions will affect his future. Granted he is only 7 but even a two year old soon learns if I do ____, such and such will happen. Braden cannot link cause and affect. Thanks again for praying and please continue to pray for Braden. 
    Joseph celebrated his 7th birthday today so for a few hours we had three 7 year old's in the house!

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