Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Pictures

Finally getting my Thanksgiving photos posted! Dean smoked a turkey which tasted wonderful! Lia ate 4 servings of turkey and passed on the rest of the meal.

Dean injected apple juice into the turkey. The apple juice helps moisten the meat.

The crowd of observers.

The finished turkey....it was delicious!

Lia has a small child's scissors that she uses to cut paper. The other evening before bedtime she was sitting under the table looking guilty. She snipped the ends off her Nuk's. Lia only had her nuk for bedtime (and those grumpy times when I couldn't please her). She will sometimes ask for it but when  remind her what happened to them she gets a sheepish look and goes on her merry way.
Yesterday I cut out dresses for the girls and I. While I was sewing them, Lia came to me and said she has a surprise. She handed me a sliver of my measuring tape and told me it was just for me. This is what the rest of the tape looked like. I put the scissors in a cupboard out of her reach. I obviously can't trust her.

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