Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fun Days

Lia and I met my friend J and her son on Thursday and went to the Wyomissing Farmers Market. We enjoyed coffee n donuts there before heading over to the mall to do a little shopping. The morning was short but fun.

Lia and Caleb are both 3 years old. It was fun listening to them chatter away.

On Friday my sister and I went to September Farms for lunch. The girls (and the mom's) enjoyed all the yummy samples set out around the store. I told Dean it is good the store is near here as there were so many things I would like to buy.... flavored mustards, dip mixes, fresh baked goods, orange curd, caramel dip.. and you can't forget many different flavors of cheese. Lia and Alisha cleaned up the last two samples of chocolate marshmallow brownie's.

Bethany enjoying her french fries. 

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