Monday, January 12, 2015

Icy Monday

We have been blessed with an icy Monday and it is my turn to drive the school van. Big van's were never intended to drive in snow and ice. This is the only time of year we dislike living on the "North Side of the Mountain" as we call the hill that we call home. 
   The children were cheering when they found out that school had a two hour delay. Tristan was sure they would cancel as our drive was so icy. He kept asking how we will get out the lane and I told him I wasn't worried, we can always slide down the hill. He was like, "But mom, the drive is covered in ice, all the way down to the road." I dismissed his report as he can be overly dramatic. I changed my tune when we slid from side to side and out onto the road. He gave me the grown up look he has recently acquired and said, "I told you it was icy!" Yes son, you did and I will take you more seriously next time.
   I parked the "raft" at the bottom of the drive and Lia and I walked up the lane. She thought it was a great adventure, mom wasn't quite as excited. My plan is to take the golf cart down to the van along with a few buckets of ashes to put behind the van tires so we can get out of the ditch and go get the school children
   No pictures today as the computer I usually use to post needs some repairs and I am not tech savvy enough to figure out how to get my pictures onto another computer.
    Stay safe!

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