Friday, January 9, 2015

Strawberry Jelly In January

Guess what Lia and I are doing today? Making strawberry jelly! Almost 2 years ago I put away lots of strawberries. I made a lot of jelly then pureed the remaining strawberries and put them in freezer containers. We finally used up the last container of jelly the other day. While looking through my freezer this morning I came across these pureed strawberries and suddenly Lia and I were making jelly!
Lia had fun stirring the jelly

Helping mom....

....it is even more fun to lick the spoons!

I made three portions because I had three boxes of Surjel in the freezer. I didn't get much for the mess I made but it was fun anyway.

The other evening Dean worked late. He wasn't home in time for supper which really upset the three little ones but I told them he would be home by bedtime. Well, he wasn't. Things didn't go as planned so they were fast asleep by the time daddy came home. I told Dean he has to give Kiana and Joseph a kiss, even if they are sleeping. The next morning both first graders were in lets just say, a bad mood. They were upset that daddy hadn't came home. I told them he had been home and gave them each a kiss before he went to bed. That made them smile but there were still tears so I called Dean and he talked to each of them. They went to school with smiles and I forgot about the whole thing until that evening. Joseph came home from school talking loudly, crying and yelling while Kiana picked a fight with anyone who crossed her path. I was at my wits end, nothing calmed them down. When Dean came home for supper Lia looked at him and said, "You came home?!" Turns out all three figured daddy wasn't coming home anymore! The poor children! I thought they trusted us further than that. We obviously have our work cut out for us. Sometimes I wonder if they will ever fully trust us to meet their needs.

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