Wednesday, February 11, 2015

One Of Those Mornings

This was one of THOSE mornings. 

-The kind of morning where people are moaning and groaning before they have their covers thrown off. 

-Our house rule is if you are to tired to get out of bed cheerfully in the morning, you will be going to bed early that night. I had a little lady kicking up her heels because she didn't want to go to bed early tonight but she was sooo tired, she could only move at a snail's pace.

-Another child was slowly getting dressed and when I asked if he was dressed he said he was still looking for the buttons on his shirt.

-Tristan told Kiana to get the milk for him. She was finally sitting down to eat her breakfast... she went and got the milk for her big brother who was perfectly capable of moving himself and didn't have anything else to do while she still had to get her school things together.

-Kiana was upset about something and spent the entire morning playing dumb. Making comments like: Is today Saturday? Do we eat cereal for Breakfast? Why do I need to wear shoes for school?

-The boys fought, Kiana fought and Lia was grumpy. 

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-I was combing Joseph and he started yelping I asked what was wrong and he said something came into the bottom of his shoe and was poking him

-Lia tried to get into big brothers gum stash. He came roaring after her and she let out a howl.

-To top it off mom was tired and all the nonsense was irritating me. How did those pioneer's who lived in sod houses cope during the long winter months?

Just trivial things but such a commotion. What do you do to make your mornings go more smoothly?

Awhile ago I made to do lists with pictures for Kiana and Joseph to use when they are getting ready for school. They worked fine but Joseph was always losing his list and spending valuable time looking for it.

Food is important to our children so I have them get dressed and combed before they eat breakfast. On good mornings this works but on mornings like this one, where everyone is so grumpy they can only think of one thing at a time, breakfast slips their mind. When I remind them to hurry they fly into a tizzy.

I pack lunches the evening before and store them in the fridge overnight. One less thing to do in the mornings!

Kiana and Joseph signed Valentine Cards for their classmates when they came home from school yesterday. Tristan's class spent the evening at their teachers house and not having big brother home was tough for my first graders. Kiana said she misses Tristan and I reminded her that they spend most of their time fighting when he is home. She looked sheepish and said she still wishes he would be home. A long time ago Dean and I decided fighting must be our children's love language!

Tristan is sure they wouldn't fight as much if Kiana and Joseph would "act right" I told him I well remember fighting with my siblings, he was surprised that we would fight. Seems he couldn't imagine that. If he only knew. :)

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....You know what amazes me though? I still love them dearly and they love each other. Let someone else try to treat a sibling the way they treat one another and they all gang up against that person. I remember the good times I had with my siblings, not the fights and I hope my children can do the same. Although anyone listening in this morning would have had a hard time believing these little people love each other!

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