Saturday, March 21, 2015

Snapshots From Our Week

Lia wasn't feeling so well one day last week. I thought it was the stomach flu but she was able to eat normally within a few hours. Whatever it was no one else got sick and it was short lived.

I bought some finger paint for the children. Lia had fun with them and when I wasn't watching she dumped them out on her paper and mixed them all together. I need to get some more because I am sure Joseph would love using them as much as Lia did.

There is something odd about seeing all this snow and hearing robins singing!

Dean made a little barn for Joseph and it is his pride and joy. It doesn't take much to make Joseph happy. He is having a really good morning so far and I am praying it last's. He is happy and carefree, like boys his age should be. 

Joseph holding his newest cousin Brandon. He loves babies!

Have a blessed weekend!

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