Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Today's Activities

Look what came in the mail yesterday!
The book is written for psychologists so it includes information about how to treat the care giver of traumatized children. I skimmed over the first section as it covered attachment, self regulation and why's and how's attachment disorders/trauma. The back of the book has a thick section of therapeutic activities such as blank faces so the child can draw what he is feeling on the face. I saw the boys therapists' use a lot of the forms and informational papers included in the book. I always wished I could have copies to use at home, now I do! Anyone want to guess what I plan to do today? I also found an interesting link I will share in the near future...when I finish listening to all four hours of it.

There has been a recipe floating around on FB for  EDIBLE PEEP PLAY DOUGH
I have been waiting for the perfect day to try it and today fit the bill. I was mixing up some casserole's for friends and needed something fun to keep Lia occupied.

She insisted on crumbling it and wasn't very impressed until I told her she may eat this play dough. That made all the difference, this stuff is fun after all!

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