Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Beautiful Day

Isn't this weather glorious? I just love it! 
This playhouse is a freebie I found beside the road this winter. Lia spends hours playing in it when the children are at school. I had to put some restrictions in place, she was taking my cups and plates, hot pads, silver ware and anything else she thought would be nice to have in her house.

Joseph thrives on this warm weather. He plays hard and sleeps soundly. I learned another thing about him and FASD this week. On one of the first warm days he was outside with his winter coat on. He had the zipper up to his chin and his hood up. I asked him why he has his coat on and he said, "You never told me not to wear it." His brain never "told" him, he was to warm. Poor boy had a sweatshirt on underneath his coat, to make maters worse! Last summer he used to play outside in the heat and his face would get beet red. I never thought that his brain may not be telling him he is too warm! Recently I read a story about a child who had FASD. Her mom wrote how her daughter was unable to regulate her body temperature. If I wouldn't have read that story, I probably wouldn't have connected the dots and would have just thought Joseph's face gets red when he is warm. I am continually amazed at the methods God uses to teach me more about my children.

I made this pizza on the grill for supper one evening this week. It is a favorite of ours.

Make your usual pizza crust and roll into a rectangle. Grill over indirect heat until the dough is no longer sticky. Remove from heat and top with your favorite BBQ sauce. Layer with grilled chicken, sauteed onions, bacon and shredded cheese. Return to the grill until cheese is melted and it is hot through.

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