Friday, April 17, 2015

Update On Joseph

I think I can safely say we have Joseph's eczema on the run! The doctor prescribed some cream when we were there a week ago. Within 24 hours of using it I could tell a big difference. The redness and pimples were disappearing. On Tuesday we got him started on antibiotics (let's just say it took a long time to get the medication so it was several days after his appointment till we finally had the antibiotics) for the eczema that had gotten infected from his constant scratching. He cannot leave scabs alone which made things that much worse. His eczema looks good but I am not sure if the anti anxiety medication is making a difference or not. Joseph has had good days since he began taking it. We are waiting to see if that is coincidence or if the medication really is helping.
   Braden's FASD doctor told us that children with FASD metabolize medication differently than you or I. With that in mind I was a little apprehensive about the anti anxiety medication but I needn't have worried, Joseph hasn't had any problems so far. 
   I have become a familiar face at school. I think the explorer would drive there itself if it were possible. This morning I had to take Joseph's medicine to school because he forgot it. Or rather I forgot to hand him the bag. His teacher called to ask about it because she thought perhaps he was no longer taking it. There was also the very distinct possibility Joseph may have done something with it and she wanted to be sure we were all on the same page. After dropping it off at school, Lia and I went for a few groceries. When I came home I saw Kiana's pill lying on the table. She forgot to take her morning meds! I don't know how I missed seeing it before. I called to school and had the secretary ask Kiana's teacher if she would like me to bring it to school. I didn't hear back from her so things must be going okay. Monday morning I will make certain the correct meds go to school. 

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It is always nice to have something to blame my forgetfulness on! I did better when I had three babies and a preschooler....maybe I used all my brain cells and now I have a deficiency.

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