Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday

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I wanted to take a few pictures of the children before we went to church.
This was the best pose they could manage. After repeatedly re positioning them and trying to get them to smile, I snapped a picture and called it quits.

Joseph & Kiana -7, Lia -3 and Tristan -11

 Sisters--Kiana decided she is happy she has a sister, even if Lia is always getting into her things.

First grade made these rolls. The rolls were an object lesson on the empty tomb....

...When you bit into the roll, it was hollow just like Jesus' tomb on Easter Sunday!

A challenging thought someone shared during Sunday School: "The disciples appeared to have forgotten that Jesus said he would rise again. We have the complete story and wonder how the disciples could have forgotten those important words. But what about us? Jesus said He will come again, are we prepared for His return? 

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