Monday, May 11, 2015

Blog Questions And A Thank You

There have been times I have wondered if this blog is worth the bother. I love writing but do I want everyone to know about our family? Is it right to bare my children's struggles to the public? Do I share to much, or not enough? Am I making our life sound harder than anyone else's?
   From time to time someone sends me an email or comment eluding to one or another of the above questions and I have to search my heart again and ask God's direction. 
  I asked an experienced mom what her perspective is on the subject. She has children who have struggles similar to what ours have and has a pretty good idea what goes down around here sometimes. She suggested I continue sharing the things I have and exclude the really crazy stuff that would embarrass our children someday. See, the things I relate on here are the palatable ones, the things that emotionally healthy children do from time to time. Besides I don't want to write for the "shock factor."
   I also write because of all the families out there who truly do not have anyone to turn to. Attachment Disorders are easily mistaken for a parental problem, which is exactly what the child wants people to think. The parent can share information concerning attachment disorder but there is something about seeing first hand what families can face that makes it more believable. My hope is that this blog can enlighten people about the pitfalls of RAD/Attachment Disorders.
   I will admit I also write so the people we come in contact with are able to understand our quirks better. I know for a fact that our quirks are going to become more pronounced as our children age and fall further behind their peers. Dean and I were just talking about how much we appreciate how people relate to Joseph. Joseph senses this and he in turn feels safer and more secure which lowers his fight or flight response and we can give him more freedom because he is more regulated. The more regulated he is, the less likely he is to do something that could turn out badly.
   I want to thank, you my readers, for all you have done in aiding our children on their journey to complete emotional health. They are to small to understand the impact your understanding has had on their lives but I trust that someday they will look back and thank God for the people he allowed to come into their lives.




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