Saturday, May 9, 2015

Remember The Hurting On Mothers Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, a day where we mom's soak up some extra appreciation and love from our families. The children give us small gifts and cards they made at school and we are blessed with extra hugs and kisses.
  My mind as been on another group of people however, and my heart is breaking for them. Those people for whom Mothers Day brings pain rather than joy.

   - Those who's mother is no longer here, especially those who are experiencing their first Mothers Day without mom.

- The woman who longs for a child

- Those who lost the child/children who called them mommy

- The woman who gave her all for her child but the child rejected that love and affection

- The woman who gave a child up for adoption and wonder where that child is today

- The woman who chose to destroy the life that would have made them a mom

- The child who has no mom to love because his/her mommy is in Heaven

- All of the adopted children for whom Mothers Day brings unpleasant memories

If you meet one of these hurting people take the time to give them a hug and assure them of your prayers. Take a meal to those who do not have a mom to cook for them, give a bouquet of flowers to the mom who has empty arms or spend time with the mom who lost her child. May God bless each one.....and now I am off to practice what I preach!

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