Wednesday, June 17, 2015

One Of "Those" Weeks

Do you ever have days where you wonder if you will make it till bedtime? That has been the story of our week and it is only Wednesday! 

  Usually I know or at the very least, have an idea what is behind the attitude's but this week I haven't a clue what is wrong. 

  Monday was tough, Dean even checked to see if it was full moon because there had to be something behind the craziness. The children fought all day. "He is staring at me! No, I am not, I am looking past her! She is reading the book I want to read. He isn't helping me pick up toys. Why do I get all the hard jobs? You drank the last of the milk just because you knew I wanted some!" 

    I put them to work but they didn't have the presence of mind to follow directions. Besides, they had to pass one another while going about their work and arms and legs kept flying out of their own accord and hitting passing siblings.

    Usually "doing jobs" sets them straight and they are ready to play nicely again but not today, so I put them all down for early naps. While they slept I rested, read my Bible n prayed since my morning devotions were interrupted with complaints such as, "He got the cereal, I wanted!" Leaving one to think that there must have been only a little cereal remaining instead of 1/2 a box.

   I prayed for wisdom, patience and kindness.... but they crawled out of bed as ornery as when they crawled in and sad to say, I felt just as frustrated.   

         To top it off I found a dead toad when I opened the dryer to remove a load of laundry. I thought it was dog stuff and I was ready to give someone a talking to, when I realized the thing had legs. I yelled for Tristan to take care of it and he busted up laughing that mom was scared of a dead toad. I tried to tell him I wasn't scared of it, I was just disgusted to find it in my dryer of all places but he couldn't hear above his fits of giggles.

  Then we were up until 11:00 working with a child who refused to tell the truth about some missing candy, even after dad found the wrappers stashed in a corner. Another child was very upset because little sister wore a pair of her undies, her favorite ones that she was keeping nice?? Don't ask. Little sister needed them because she got her last pair wet bathing her kitties in the dog's water dish. I fell into bed and told myself that tomorrow would be better....

    Except it wasn't. More fighting, jobs done incorrectly, kittens got bathed in the dog's water dish, again. More untruth's and lot's of journaling rounded out the day. I asked Dean if he has any idea what is causing all this friction and fussing but he couldn't come up with an answer either.

   Miss Lia was up at 4:00 this morning and ready to face the day, her mother on the other hand was not! I told her she needs to sleep some more but she hung on my neck saying she was scared and wanted to sleep beside me, so I tucked her in and tried to ignore the ache in my neck. She wiggled and squirmed, unable to get comfortable. Then she needed a drink but couldn't get one herself. So I hauled my weary self out of bed and got her a drink. I asked her if she needs to use the bathroom but she said she didn't have to. However 20 minutes later she needed to "go." She came running back saying she had a tick on her arm so I got up once more and sure enough, there was a tick. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep after 4:00, not exactly the way I planned to begin this day. 

   Anyone want to guess how this day is going?  

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