Friday, June 19, 2015

How To Help The Hurting Around Us

Everyone knows of a family who is struggling in one way or another. I wrote this post after hearing of a family who needs someone to support them, someone who can come along side them and help bear their load. Sometimes when we look in on a situation we feel that there isn't anything we can do or maybe you wish you could do something but don't know what. If you are like me, your mind feels blank when you try to think what to do to help a needy family. Below is a list of things people have done for us over the years. Use your imagination and be a blessing
                   What can I do to help?

People have asked me this so often and it can be a tough question for parents to answer, especially when everything has to be carefully weighed and thought out because of how an emotionally unstable child might react. When your brain is already in over load answering such a simple question can be to complicated and I used to say, just pray for us. I in no way want to insinuate that prayer isn't necessary or is of lesser value because we all know that isn't true. I want to share some things that people have done for us when I was unable to communicate our needs. 

Food is always appreciated. You needn't spend the day in the kitchen cooking up a fancy meal. A plate of cookies, kettle of soup or a dessert is sufficient. Tip: remember to check if there are any food allergies.

Letters, poems and cards. Who doesn't enjoy receiving mail? More than once when my children were having a rough day and I had tried everything I knew to get them back on track, all to no avail, I would find a card in the mail. I would lock myself in my bedroom and cry because someone had allowed God to use them to encourage my hurting heart.

Money is something everyone can use, whether they have children with special needs or not. It is amazing how much money you can put into paying for gas, parking meters and the like when you take a child to appointments. 

A simple hug and "I am praying for you," can make all the difference in a discouraged parent's thinking. They suddenly realize that someone does care, they aren't alone after all!

Offering to babysit can be such a blessing. I used to think people probably cringed when my number came up on their caller ID.... she needs a babysitter again! When someone offered to babysit it was so nice, then I didn't feel as if I was being a pest, asking them to keep my children yet again.

Ask if there is anything you can get for the family when you go to the grocery store. Sometimes a busy mom needs something but doesn't have the time or energy to make a trip to the grocery store for only one or two items. Think especially of the single mom's in your midst.

Offer to do her laundry or help her with her cleaning. One friend of mine called Dean and asked if he thinks I would mind if she came and did house work while I was gone. What a blessing to come home to a clean house after a long day away from home! 

Offer to drop your teenage daughter off for several hours to help with whatever needs to be done. Any mom who has several little one's will have plenty to do. Or she can watch the children while the foster mom fills out those monthly reports, which have a way of sneaking up on you.

Offer to sew dresses for the little girls. Send your son over to help with the mulching, gardening and other outdoor work. If you see the family's vehicle needs to be washed, offer to wash it for them. 

And of course, pray. Let them know you are praying. Another friend of mine told me she prays for our family when she is up with her baby at night. I was so blessed by her commitment. I was also challenged to set aside a specific time to pray.   

I think the key lies in one word, OFFERING. When we offer to do something instead of saying, "Let me know if there is anything I can do to help," people's need's will be met much more quickly. After all, who likes to call someone and say, "I need....."

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