Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Daddy Is home!

    Trauma, does it ever cease to leave it's finger prints on a child's heart? Or is it one of those things in life where once you experience it, it remains imprinted in your DNA until the day you die? Can trauma hide under the surface of a child's psych only to rear it's ugly head one day or is it always visible? 
   Dean and the boys went on an overnight canoe trip with people from church on Friday evening and the girls' were a mess. I took them to Park City to do some shopping. We went to Bath N Body where I bought them each some hand sanitizer. Lia emptied her bottle by putting it on her kittens, she intended to put some on Kobi but I got her stopped in time.
   I also got Kiana some new school shoes...can it really be that time of year already?
   Anyway, we had several meltdowns while shopping, including stomping feet and yelling. I should have known why the girls were out of sorts but as usual the obvious evaded me, until Kiana said, "I just wish dad was home." Lia said, "Dad and the boys are away all night, I want them to sleep at home!"
Daddy is home and all is right in my world!

You should have heard the yelling and cheering when Dean and the boys pulled in the drive last night. They certainly received a royal welcome.

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