Wednesday, September 9, 2015


                 Today I made applesauce.....

I did my applesauce outside and while it was nice having all the mess out there, I missed the smell of apples cooking on my stove.

         I might have said that but I didn't hear myself say it, so I don't know if I did....Joseph logic. :)
   Thanks for all the prayers for Joseph. He is adjusting to school better than we dared hope, I wouldn't say it is going great, but neither is it horrible. He need's a lot of sleep, especially during the school year, so he is back to early bedtime. Last night he told me he wishes he was back in Kindergarden so he could take naps, then he wouldn't have to go to bed early.
Lia keeps us laughing with her comments. Recently she came to me and said, "I oopsie densty (accidentally) made it rain on myself and now I am all wet."

"Dad's aren't sweethearts only mom's are, so don't say that to dad."

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