Monday, September 14, 2015

Good Bye Summer, Therapy and School Days

     I believe summer is gone and fall is well on it's way. Is it just me or did this summer fly by faster than it did other years? Time seems to go by faster every year, making me want to hang on to it with clenched fists. 
   The children have begun their fourth week of school, how can that be? I see advertisements for pumpkins and mums and think, "What is the rush!" Then I go outside and feel the cool air and realize that it is no longer summer. We have traded laziness, Popsicle's, swimming and spur of the moment plans for the business of the school year along with schedules, books, backpacks, lunches (what do you put in them?) and earlier bedtimes. Joseph told me he wishes he was still in kindergarden so he could take a nap instead of going to bed early.
   It is just Lia and I at home once more, and I spend a lot of time playing doll, tea party and play dough. This is her last year at home with me and when I get tired of hearing, "Mom play with me!" I remember that next year she too, will be leaving me to begin her years under influences other than her parents. She will have someone whom she loves almost and sometimes more than she loves mom, Dean and I will no longer be her only favoritest people, as kindergarden teachers are held in high regard by their students.

Lia loves paper, pens, stickers and anything else related to school. This morning Joseph had his first OT appointment. I put Lia on the van with Tristan and Kiana since the lady driving the school van agreed to keep her while I was gone. She was all smiles!

Joseph enjoyed therapy but he was totally worn out till the end of his appointment. Most of the activities were designed to strengthen his hand muscle's. The therapist sent some "thera-putty" along home along with a list of exercises Joseph needs to complete every other day. Another goal is to strengthen his core muscle's, I think some of those exercises would be good for mom as well! 

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