Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Lia's 4th Birthday

Guess who had a birthday this weekend? Yes, Lia turned 4! She celebrated her birthday three times and thought she should turn a year older every time we celebrated.

Thankfully she is young enough not to mind a store bought cake with a few sprinkles and candles. The past week flew by and I didn't have time to make her a cake, unless I would have stayed up late but mom needs her sleep. So I bought a cake at the local grocery store, stuck four candles in it and called it good enough, she was thrilled.
A year ago, I found a toy guitar at a reuzit shop. Lia loved that guitar and the songs were not overly loud, they were all decent songs as well. Then it stopped working, batteries didn't make a difference either. I thought I would find a guitar for her birthday to replace the one that no longer works. I searched high n low to find one that fit my criteria. This one was the closest I could find, Lia loves it, while my ears cringe. You can set the volume, but what fun is a noisy toy if you can't make lot's of noise. Dean sometimes fills the speakers on noisy toys with clear silicone. You can't see it and it muffles the sound.

On Sunday evening, we celebrated Lia's birthday as well as two of her friends birthdays.

We love you Lia!
It was 3.5 short years ago that I brought you home. You have brought much joy and laughter into our home   

This morning I bought a half bushel of peaches to make peach pie filling. Lia helped me for awhile then ran off to play. I found her playing in the school van when I went to check up on her. I pulled the keys and figured she can't hurt anything. Guess again! Someone left a tube of green chalk paint in the van and Miss Lia found it.

And this is what I found....paint on every car seat, on the windows, steering wheel and even on herself and Kobi.

After cleaning up the mess I scolded her for putting paint on Kobi. She ran off to play in the sandbox but was gone a moment later. I found her filling a sandwich bag with water and trying to bath Kobi, "Cause he still has paint on him, mom!"

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